The Power of Sunshine


Make your own Off Grid Portable Water Heater !

” The Portable Solar Swimming Pool water Heater Module.”

The power of raw Sunshine at midday on a cloudless day is 1000W per square meter. That’s 1000 W per m² of area oriented towards the sun.

You only need : Start to heat your Pool  !

One Intex Solar Heater Mat = 1,2 X 1,2 m = 1,44 m² or 1,44 k Watt
Two Intex Solar Heater Mat = 2,88 m²   or  2,88 kWatt or 2880  Watt
manual:         or

Solar Bag 1-2-3 = 1,04 m² = 1,04 k Watt        or

50 meter black garden tube 25 mm = 1,25 m² or  1,25 k Watt        And

One  Ubbink SolarMax 600 ( Solar pump off-grid power )


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Genius Portable Solar Pool Heater 1 k Watt  

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New : Solar Swimming Pool Heater *


I learned swimming,  6,5 years ago. And I went on holiday to Paphos, Cyprus. My swimming teacher said: ” Swim everyday, for practice”. But the water in the Hotel Pool was very cold. This is the moment where I got the idea to make a portable Pool heater.

First it was with a garden hose and a Solar Fountain Pump ( 12 Volt – Safety ) . Now it is with a Solar Mat, and it is portable and foldable.

* New :     Solar Swimming Pool Heater

no need of electricity !

– Do It Yourself Heating Module  1 kWatt

– Low Cost – 12 Volt  –  Solar – Genius –   &   – Portable – Safe – Free – Easy – Fast – Foldable – with manuals – more next >>> Continue reading “New : Solar Swimming Pool Heater *”